Pauls Stradins Museum for history of medicine

Exhibit of the Month May

Sportswear kit and attributes from corporation Lettonia, 20th century 30's - 40's

As the sky becomes sunnier and the weather becomes warmer, many people start to think about physical activities so as to recover their strength and to recover their excellent level of physical condition – something which people can lose during the winter.  In order to help people not to forget about their good intentions, the museum has selected a uniform worn by competitive rowers during the 1930s as its exhibit of the month.  The uniform includes underwear, short pants and an athletic shirt which belonged to the cardiologist Visvaldis Ledus.  As a student, he was very much involved in rowing.  We are also displaying things from the Lettonia fraternity – the fraternity cap and sash which belonged to the same cardiologist.