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Fabrica Vitae

Continuing to honour the 500th anniversary of the birth of the founder of scientific anatomy, Andreas Vesalius, the Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine is offering the international “Fabrica Vitae” exhibition from March 26 until May 30.

 “Fabrica Vitae” will offer high-level contemporary art as part of a concept that encourages thought about the role of anatomy and art in the modern age of technologies.  Curator Pascale Pollieri has established a travelling exhibition that brings together well known European and American artists, scholars and philosophers whose work merges scientific discoveries in medicine, contemporary art, and ideas about anatomy in the future, thus creating saturated and also controversial emotions.  This is an experiment in bringing together art and science to break down accustomed barriers and universally accepted stereotypes.

The exhibition will feature installations, paintings, photographs, sculptures and video that will reflect the existential theme and image-based generalisations of anatomy of art.  The exhibition will also include works produced by students at the Latvian Academy of Art as part of a joint project between the academy and the Museum of Medicine, “Symbiosis: Medicine and Art.”  The exhibition will remain open at the Museum of the History of Medicine until May 30, after which it will travel to Belgium, Switzerland and the United States.

The exhibition in Latvia is being offered with the support of the Latvian Cultural Capital Fund.



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Exhibition on view from 26.03.2015 till 30.05.2015

Tickets prices

  • Pupils: € 0.71
  • Students, seniors: € 1.42
  • Adults: € 2.85