Pauls Stradins Museum for history of medicine

A. Żmijewski (Poland). Blindspots

Artur Żmijewski. An Eye for an Eye. 1998. Color photograph.

Exhibition assembles and exposes artist’s films and photos dedicated to representation of people with disabilities and their integration capabilities in today’s society. In his works the artist calls for recognition and respect for the otherness of disabled people, including their right for self-expression. In his works, Żmijewski brings to the foreground the social model of disability, raising public awareness of the fact that limitations are caused not by disability but by the society and the barriers it erects, restricting the lives of people with disabilities. The artist involves disabled people in various practices (for instance, holding choral singing sessions for the deaf or painting workshops for the blind), not only encouraging them to transcend the boundaries of their everyday experiences, but also calling for the viewers to question the roles normally assigned to people with disabilities. In his films, the artist provides the disabled with a platform of self-expression, giving them a voice; he invites us to see them, hear them and accept their otherness. Żmijewski wants to emancipate the disabled, liberate them from the feeling of shame haunting them, encouraging them to stop being embarrassed by their imperfect bodies. The grotesque nakedness of the bodies, which is the tool that the artist uses, resists social and aesthetic marginalization to which the disabled are subjected to barriers and prejudice created by the society.


The exhibition was designed using the temporary exhibition halls of the museum of history of medicine as well as integrating separate works of contemporary art into the permanent display of the museum. The interdisciplinary approach interlinking matters of history of medicine and contemporary art serves to call the visitors’ attention to the exhibits from the museum collection while expanding the context of contemporary art.

The exhibition is organised by the association Latvia Cultural Projects. Curated by Maris Vitols (Latvia). Main supporter of the exhibition is ABLV Charitable Foundation. Exhibition is supported by contemporary art gallery “Galerie Peter Kilchmann” (Zurich) and “Foksal Gallery Foundation” (Warsaw).

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Exhibition on view from 03.06.2017 till 24.09.2017

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  • Pupils: € 1.42
  • Students, seniors: € 2.84
  • Adults: € 4.98