Pauls Stradins Museum for history of medicine

Hello, Doctor!

As the weather outside has become warmer, the museum’s youngest friends have become active.  For many years now, the Museum of Medicine has had a very good relationship with the Practical Aesthetics School, which is organised by the Artistic Creativity Centre.  Children spend the winter producing artworks which are to be exhibited at the museum, and they do so with great joy.  This year the title for the exhibition is “Hello, Doctor!”  The art has been produced in various techniques.  It is colourful, carefully considered down to the tiniest detail, and indicative of a vast flight of imagination.

The exhibition, which will be open until September 6, is part of the Latvian Health Ministry’s health-related communications plan for 2012, because it helps to reflect the understanding which children have about the extensive and complicated sector of medicine.

Additional information

Exhibition on view from 10.05.2012 till 06.09.2012

The exhibition is included in the museum ticket price.