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Anniversary Issue of Journal of Medical History Papers Released

The 10th anniversary issue of Acta medico-historica Rigensia was officially presented at a ceremony on August 30.  The traditional meeting was organised by the Department of Internal Medicine of the Rīga Stradiņš University, the Institute of Medical History, and the Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine.

The latest issue of the journal contains research papers about the history of medicine and the work of museums in this area, also offering a chronicle of historical events in the field of medicine in Latvia during the past five years.  Authors of the papers are well-known medical historians from Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Italy and the United States.

The new issue also represents stronger co-operation among researchers and historians, because this issue of Acta medico-historica Rigensia has been jointly released by the Stradiņš University and the Pauls Stradiņš Museum.  Compendia of scholarly papers have been released under the title From the History of Medicine since 1957, while the current title, Acta medico-historica Rigensia, dates back to 1991.

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