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At the Medical History Museum: Mysteries of Medicine

The Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine is proud to announce that a new exhibition, “Heritage: Mysteries of Medicine,” will be opened at 4:00 PM on June 6 of this year.  The exhibition will feature materials donated to the museum which have their own story and history.

We live for today and for the present.  All of us have our own destinies, as well as our own hour of birth, illness and death.  This is all part of the great mystery of life and death.  Healers, doctors and scientists have a role in this mystery, because, as the doctor who laid the groundwork for medical philosophy in Latvia, Mārtiņš Zīle, put it:  “Every single field of science hides a mystery within itself, and that is most evident in the field of medicine.”

Each era in medicine features heroes and ever new weapons against illnesses and death.  New diagnostic and treatment methods are being developed in all areas of medicine, thus ensuring a joint battle over human health.  The only goal is to treat not just the body, but also the soul, thus extending human lives.

The exhibition focuses on a number of medical professionals who defended innovative ideas during their careers – Viktors Kalnbērzs, Nikolajs Skuja, Ēvalds Ezerietis and Vilhelms Kaņeps.  Professor Skuja introduced gastroscopy in Latvia in 1946.  Professor Kalnbērzs conducted the first gender reassignment operation in Latvia.  Professor Ezerietis conducted the first heart operation in Latvia on March 31, 1958.

The exhibition will be open to visitors from June 6 until August 31.

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