Pauls Stradins Museum for history of medicine

Museum services

The museum offers not only an exhibition, but also a variety of services - pedagogical programs of the museum, lectures, professional photography and filming of the exhibits. Professional consulting, expertise and the deposit of the exhibits are offered to the branch specialists who are interested.


Scientific library

The museum library holds up to 36,600 items. It holds special literature, catalogues, dissertations, encyclopedias, dictionaries, books with inscriptions and signatures. The library is open to branch specialists.

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Conference hall

The museum has an academically designed conference hall, which can be used to hold seminars, conferences and gatherings. The hall is equipped with wireless internet access. The museum offers the renting of presentation equipment such as projectors, laptops and wireless internet connection. The hall is 100m2 (120 seats).

For more information about the conference hall contact: Liene Sarkuna: 67222916;

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