My Scrapbook 

At a time when we have digital cloud-based memory storage of almost unlimited capacity at our disposal, the workshop ‘My Scrapbook’ will be an opportunity to practice the joy of creating by using recycled materials and experience the positive impact of a pen and a pencil on the memory-forming process in the human brain. The workshop takes place as part of the exhibition ‘Life after Death. Remembrance Practices and the Museum’. 


As the Room theatre team resides in the Pauls Stradiņš Medicine History Museum and explores the museum's collection, main exhibition and the stories of exhibits that stimulate imagination, an event has been created that will invite younger and older viewers to think about life as a person, a leaf of a tree and a bird.

Birthday at the Museum

During the ‘Birthday at the Museum. Skeleton Superpowers’ event, an exciting and fun tour of the museum’s collection and a programme of educational activities under the guidance of a museum educator, children will get introduced to the human skeleton and its functions, learn to understand the interaction of the human body with the environment and the Planet Earth, and medicine as care for the human health.

Guided tour

The museum's main exposition is historically designed as an overview of the history of medical science achievements and outstanding personalities. However, the three basic elements of medicine can already be found in the works of Hippocrates – the doctor, the patient and the disease. The significance of these three elements has varied over time. The guide's narration will provide a deeper insight into health care, based on the museum's main exposition.

Board game IMUNO

The board game IMUNO is designed to introduce players to the functioning of the immune system and learn about healthy choices that can boost immunity. Internal and external factors, including personal choices that affect immunity, are explored. Players learn about important discoveries in the history of immunity research.

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